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    • Hi

      I am a newbie trying to use wordpress for our new website. But most themes do not support “portrait” orientated photos.
      Would it be possible with UNITE theme as your gallery photos are all landscaped.

      Current site: monbellebridal.weebly.com (all our photos are portraits).

      Lyn Lee

  1. Hi Aigar

    Cheers… I’ve been a great fun of your themes..

    There is this i need to change…i need to change the following, i’m no wordpress coder..please help
    1. page color,
    2. page shadow
    3. page padding and border
    4. menu and navigation background

    to a blueish theme color..

    Thanks in advance

    • I see that you are already using Travelify theme instead of Unite theme for your website.
      I just wanted to point out for other who finds this page that this is not the right place to ask for support. We have a support forum in place and you can find it here.

  2. I am trying to figure out where the slider is at for my page, it is not showing up on my home page.

    also my site has the search bar on the right side (even though i have taken the widget out, then admin and media text shows up) how do i get that away. it prevents my gallery from going across like this one is. also what size do i set the images too to be this size of a gallery

  3. I’m having an issue with the slider on my home page on mobile devices. It is cutting the pictures off instead of displaying the complete picture like your demo site is doing. How can I correct this?

  4. can the gallery drop down to pages listing specific genre such as “portraits’, Landscapes, flora & Fauna etc being a page for each?
    on home page scrolling if the viewer selects one of the pics can it take them to that gallery page such as “a portrait takes them to that gallery page?

    • @jaine yes there is an option on the carousel to not crop the image, it will become smaller and have empty space on the side of the picture.

      I already tyed a lot of plugins and no luck in any carousel for vertical pictures 🙁

  5. How this gallery shall work? Downloaded jetpack, activateg tiled gallery and then? how can I get such gallery page like on demo? there is no such options on dashboard where i could add images or add all images to the new page, cant find any information on jetpack site either.

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